College admission essay examples about Yourself | College Admission Essay in English

college admission essay examples about yourself | College Admission Essay in English

college admission essay examples about yourself
College Admission Essay

college admission essay examples about yourself?

Words are the building blocks of thought. Words label, communicate, describe, explain, recount, instruct, and perform countless other tasks. The most crucial descriptive words in my life, though, are my nicknames.

A nickname is not merely a proper noun—it functions best when it is also adjective, a concise characterization of a person given to them by the nick-namer. My given name, Laura, means a “wreath of laurel leaves.” That has nothing to do with my personality, because my parents did not have the benefit of a fully developed persona when deciding what to name me. My nicknames, however, have far more to say about me.

For example, as my circle of friends includes two “Laura”s, I have been dubbed “Sharpie,” which was at first a distortion of my last name (Shapiro). This is not merely a means of differentiation. While the suffix “ie” tends to convey closeness and affection, “sharp” can refer to wit, expertise (as in “sharp-shooter”), and astuteness. The underlying suggestion, however, is Sharpie™ brand markers, which are permanent, versatile, and come in a variety of whimsical colors and styles.

college admission essay examples about yourself

I like to think that I share those characteristics with my namesake pen. I am permanent in my loyalties, both in personal and community relations: besides being a loyal friend, I am also committed to my political beliefs and volunteer online to alleviate the anguish of being born half a year too late to vote in November. I am versatile in my interests and activities: my dream future involves practicing no less than six professions at once, including novelist, film director, professor of linguistics, sketch comic, stage manageress, and political pundit. And, of course, I am whimsical in my behaviors, in a deliberate attempt to get people to laugh.

Another example of an appropriate nickname comes from my mother, who lovingly calls me “Lambie.” She started this custom when I was an infant after singing me the show tune lullaby called “Little Lamb” (from Gypsy), but now agrees that it was more descriptive than she had originally anticipated. In fact, my middle name, Rachel, actually does mean lamb, though my parents claim to have been ignorant of that at the time. My parents describe me as “sweet, sensitive, cautious, shy, and soft.” I concur, as I am sensitive to and perceptive of others’ emotions and thoughts, cautious about the effects of my actions, and shy around new people.

In the end, the nick-namer with the clearest understanding of my self was, inevitably, me. At the tender age of nine I chose “bookcat” as my cyberspace handle, thinking “I like both books and cats a lot.” I still do like both books and cats, but at the time I did not understand how much my love for the former would describe my essence. I have carried a book in my pocket since I could read, and will frequently reread them. Books, in the end, are artfully-put-together collections of words—compelling, provocative, captivating, informative, empowering. The words in a book impart knowledge and create experience; they deserve to be well chosen.

Wherever my life may take me I know that I want to make the world safe for word-lovers. I aim to select my words with precision; I hope to one day be a writer myself. But first—can anyone think of a good pen name?
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